ATA Sponsors

The Alpine Tennis Association would like to introduce our 2012 Corporate Sponsors.  They are committed to supporting our community, tennis, families and more healthy recreation options for all of us.  Their support will enable us to offer more program options and scholarships to our members, advance our coaches in their training, and continue our fundraising efforts for the new community indoor tennis facility.

Jan and Tom Nachtigal continue to be advocates for Laramie's families and children. Thank for your generous contributions to our community and to our children by providing financial support to improve the health of our children.

Thanks Hilton Garden Inn and UW Conference Center for providing conference rooms, discount rates for visitors to Laramie with excellent and custom rates for ATA and for hosting a Tournament Social for our Alpine Community Tennis Tournament in June!
Christie and Jared at Gertsch-Baker are providing the best engineering services for ATA and the City of Laramie for the NEW community tennis facility. Their established relationship within the community and their expertise is helping us to bring affordable tennis to EVERYONE. Thanks Christie and staff!!!
Thanks for the City of Laramie and Parks & Recreation for your confidence in our continued partnership. Allowing Alpine Tennis Association to lease over 4 acres of land next to the existing Parks & Recreation facility will help us work together for community fitness and health!

Contact us here to become a sponsor and we can discuss how we can work best with you.