About ATA

ATA's Mission:
To Promote and develop tennis for residents of Laramie and Albany County
ATA's Goals:
  1. Provide accessible and affordable year-round, quality programming for youths and adults.
  2. Promote and support USTA and local tournaments for youths and adults.
  3. Promote tennis through community events, social activites, and scholarships for youth programming/events.
  4. Promote community wellness through the pursuit of tennis.

Our Board of Directors and Officers:

Mark Byra, President
Frank Nelson,  Vice President
Pam Dunnuck, Treasurer
Deb Olson, Secretary
Jan Nachtigal, Board Member
David Jones, Board Member
Annie Bergman, Board Member

ATA Website Manager:
Amanda Lange

Get involved!
contact us:  info@alpinetennis.org